The Real Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oils in Hair Smoothing Beauty Treatments -

The Real Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oils in Hair Smoothing Beauty Treatments

What are the Real Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oils in Hair Beauty Treatments?

Known worldwide in the hair and skin cosmetics market, organic coconut oils are recognized for their proven benefits to the health and beauty of hair, especially when combined with a high technology of product development, which allows you to extract the best of the benefits that the coconut has to offer.

In this article we will explain in greater detail what are the real impacts of using products that contain coconut oils, telling a little more about their characteristics, benefits and method of use.

Why Using Organic and Natural Oils on Hair Treatments is a Global Trend?

Coconut Oils Vitta Gold Professional Cosmetics Treatments Smoothing

Products that contain organic and natural oils in their composition have become increasingly famous in the cosmetics market, and there are numerous reasons that justify this trend.

Increasingly, with greater access to information, consumers demand that the products they use daily have real benefits, from components coming directly from nature.

Based on scientific studies, it is evident to customers that the use of natural and organic oils brings several real health benefits, in addition to evidencing improvements in the aspect of the hair, such as intense shine, hydration and other benefits, as seen in this great article about the coconut oils benefits.

Upcoming Trends in Organic Oils for Hair Treatments

Without a doubt, thanks to its incredible beneficial assets, coconut oil will remain a trend in the hair and skin cosmetics market indefinitely - which is great news for consumers, suppliers and producers.

Among some of the less popular trends, the demand for organic oils and acids from exotic fruits, such as Açai Berry, which are only found in tropical countries, such as Brazil, has increased considerably in recent months, and may become a global trend in no time. We talked a little about the growing trend of using Açai Berry in Professional Hair Treatments in this article.

In smoothing and Smoothing treatments, for example, the use of organic and natural oils and extracts, such as Coconut or Açai, has become practically mandatory for high quality brands, as they are complementary oils to maintain hair health and prolong and optimize the effects of treatment.

Some more exotic fruits, such as Guaraná, are also very well seen in the professional cosmetics market due to their energizing and regenerating properties.

This is often justified by the combination of safe chemical components and organic oils and acids, extracted from nature. In a Hair Smoothing Treatment, it is essential that the protein used and especially after-treatment products, such as Hair Mask and Hair Conditioner, have oils that provide healthy support to the hair and scalp.

The Real Benefits of Using Coconut Oils in Hair Treatments

Women Nature Discovering Organic Cosmetics

Undoubtedly, coconut oil is the most famous natural organic component in the cosmetics market, and it is not for nothing - the powerful oil has recently scientifically proven benefits and is a technique used for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years by women to preserve hair health and to improve visual aspects of hair beauty.

But in fact, why should you use coconut oil on your hair? What are the real benefits? Below, we list and explain some details of each of the main benefits - and how to get them.

Coconut Oil Main Benefits for Hair

  • Deep Hydration of Hair Strands
  • Prevent Hair Drying
  • Slows and Prevents Hair Loss
  • Nourishes Dry and Damaged Scalp
  • Prevent Double Tips and Dandruff
  • Adds Natural Glow and Movement
  • Improving Hair Growth

For starters, the effects of deep hydration, when the oil penetrates perfectly into the textures and hair fibers, are excellent for any type of hair, specially for ita nature's hydrating heavyweight.

Coconut Açai Guaraná Oils Research on Professional Cosmetics Hair Treatments

In practice, as seen in this aspy article, this is because coconut oil helps the cuticle to retain moisture, acting as a sealant, even helping to preserve any moisturizing product used previously, prolonging hydration, smoothing and anti-frizz results. This cuticle sealing effect is extraordinary, especially when combined with hair treatments such as the well-known Brazilian Keratin Protein Smoothing Treatment. The result will always be smoother, protected and fully hydrated hair, with natural shine and a wonderful look.

In addition, when applied to the scalp (directly with coconut oil or through products and treatments containing coconut oil), it moisturizes and removes the build-up around the hair follicles, collaborating directly to accelerate hair growth, prevention of hair loss or breakage of healthy hair.

As seen in this renowned scientific study by the National Library of Medicine, coconut oil is not just a trend or a fashion, it is a reality in hair treatments and an essential component in the routine of those who want to carry out a complete treatment, combining hair health and beauty. 

How to Add Coconut to My Hair Care Routine?


Coconut Oils Vitta Gold Hair Cosmetics

As seen in this reknowed article, the use of these oils can be applied in several ways, the main ones being:

  • In Shampoos and Conditioners
  • In Hair Masks
  • In Essential Oils
  • In Professional Hair Treatments

The conclusion is that if you are looking for more hydrated, beautiful and healthy hair, especially if you have a routine of treatments using non-harmful chemical components, the presence of coconut oil in your hair is simply essential. Always choose products that contain true, natural and quality coconut oil in their composition (products with Brazilian oils are a great option), find a perfect routine using quality cosmetic products, and always opt for professional treatments.

Products with Real Coconut Oils in its Compositions

If you are specifically looking to combine the use of coconut oils during and after a Brazilian Organic Keratin Protein Smoothing Treatment, here are some recommendations for professional products that have proven to use real coconut oils in their compositions:

Amazonplex Açai Berry (Smoothing Protein)
Coconut Liss Collection, by Vitta Gold (Smoothing Protein + Home Care)
Amazonplex Guarana (Straightening Keratin)
Amazonplex Vitamin Blend (Home Care)

These product lines feature Brazilian coconut oil, which combines the best in technology with organic components, straight from the Amazon rainforest. A treatment for perfect, hydrated, protective, beautiful and healthy hair, with real and proven organic oils.

Our commitment is to offer a healthy, high-tech treatment, made up of organic acids and oils, which makes us different from other brands on the market - try the products listed above and leave your opinion in the comments.

Thanks for reading, we hope that this article helped you find what you were looking for about the use of Coconut Oils on Hair Treatments. ♥

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