Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Amazonplex Açai® Hair Smoothing Protein -

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Amazonplex Açai® Hair Smoothing Protein

Hair Smoothing Treatments are getting more and more famous, desired by those who want to straighten their hair, and also by those who want to make their hair healthier and nourished, to enhance beautiful curls or to achieve worldclass levels of smoothing treatments.

Combining state-of-art bio and nanotechnology with natural, organic proteins, extracted from oils and acids from exotic fruits, a new concept in hair treatments was born - whether to straighten and soften hair or to deep treat, repair and rejuvenate hair and hair scalp, the Brazilian Protein should be the perfect solution.

Having products of indisputable quality, without harmful chemicals and based on organic and natural components is essential for the application of a high quality treatment, but as important as the quality and origin of the products used, it is essential that the person responsible for the application of the Straightening Treatment to be trained, and perfectly follow the application protocols to achieve the desired result.

Açai Berry Extracts for Professional Smoothing Cosmetics - How to Use Keratin Guide from Amazonplex

Even if some effects and benefits are applied to the hair strands and roots and to the scalp skin instantly, when the product comes into contact with the hair and skin (for example the Açai berry multivitaminic benefits), it is important that the application techniques are followed in the best possible way, being they before the application of the protein, during (application of heat and pause times) or after the treatment.

In this class, we will explain the ideal step-by-step to apply some different hair treatments using Amazonplex Açai® Smoothing Protein. 

Detailed Guide for Amazonplex Açai ® 100% Brazilian Straightening Treatment  

Amazonplex Açai ® is an awesome example of a Protein developed with perfect adaptability of treatment, making it the ideal product for different hair types and styles, achieving outstanding results in the field of Straightening, but also in the field of Nourishing Treatments.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to apply a Perfect Keratin Protein Hair Smoothing Treatment.


1. Pre Application: Clean and Simple Hair Preparation

Soak your hair in warm water and wash thoroughly with the Amazonplex® Vitamin Blend Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp and spreading the shampoo evenly over the strands.

Dry approximately 90% of the hair, removing excess water but keeping it moist and shiny.

For the use of Amazonplex Açai ® Smoothing Protein it is not necessary, nor recommended, to use clarifying shampoo (anti residue). Washing with a normal shampoo is enough.


2. Protein Hair Smoothing Treatment: Product Application and Absorption Time (Pause Time / Leave Time)

With the hair approximately 90% dried, still slightly wet, apply the Amazonplex Açai ® Smoothing Protein gently and evenly to all hair strands, using a brush or professional glove, ensuring that the protein is in contact with all hair strands, and without leaving excessive contact with the scalp. Aligning the hair with a fine comb.

It's time for nature's magic to happen. Let the product act for the specific time for your hair (at this time, the Smoothing Protein vitamins, nutrients and organic chemicals are being absorbed by the hair).

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: 40 to 50 minutes
  • Thick or very curly hair: 55 to 60 minutes
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: 35 to 45 minutes.

*Tip: The time that the product remains in the hair is essential to achieve the desired result. For professional frequent users, find the perfect time for your technique.


3. Energy / Heat Application for Smoothing Protein Assets Activation

Rinse a quantity of product specific to the type of hair on which the treatment is being carried out. Do not use any kind of shampoo now.

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: Rinse aprox. 60% of the Protein
  • Thick or very curly hair: Rinse aprox. 50% of the Protein
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: Rinse aprox. 70% of the Protein 


How to Apply How to Use Guide Hair Smoothing Treatment Amazonplex Açai

Dry 100% of the hair with a towel and start applying heat and energy to activate the protein actives - using a quality Flat Iron Straighteniner, a 10 to 15 times plank of small parts of the hair, divided into strands, in the following temperatures:

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: 430 Fahrenheit (220 Celsius)
  • Thick or very curly hair: 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius)
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius)

*Tip: Apply the Amazonplex® Vitamin Blend Smoothing Serum before the Flat Iron for extra Heat Protection and Smoothing Effects.


After Protein Smoothing Treatment

Our proteins act on the hair instantly, applying incredible results right after the application of energy and activation of organic chemical components, so there is no need to go without washing your hair for any period.

You can rinse and wash at the same day, even just after the treatment, if preferred.

*Tip: apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Hair Mask for deep nourishing, hair protection and to improve the smoothing results.


Daily Home Care for After Protein Smoothing Treatment

To optimize the results, making the effects of shine and smoothing last longer, we highly recommend the use of Home Care products from Amazonplex, developed especially for daily use in the post-treatment.

Wash your hair daily using Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Shampoo, which will nourish the roots and hair strands with multivitamin oils.

With clean hair and scalp gently massaged, apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Conditioner and let it act for 1 to 3 minutes.

2 times a week, during or after the bath, apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Mask Treatment and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with water at normal temperature and massage gently.

Apply Serum 2 to 3 times a week (or before leaving home for sensations of greater softening, shine and movement).


Updated 22/07/2021.


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