Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Amazonplex Guaraná® Hair Straightening Keratin -

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Apply Amazonplex Guaraná® Hair Straightening Keratin

Amazonplex Guaraná ® is an express hair keratin protein developed with the top performance formula in the market, making it the perfect product for beauty professionals that focus on high perfomance, ultra fast treatments and women looking perfect straightening treatments. 

It is essential to work with high quality products, without harmful chemicals and any type of ingredient that is harmful to your health (or the health of your customers) - always priorize Formaldehyde-Free Cosmetics. In addition, when working with a high-performance product, such as Amazonplex Guaraná, it is essential to carry out an excellent Hair Smoothing Treatment, without fail, to extract everything the best that the high-performance formula and the incredible benefits of the exotic Guaraná fruit can offer.

Guaraná Berries for Professional Smoothing Treatments - How to Use Keratin Guide Amazonplex

As we already know, some effects and benefits are absorbed by the hair strands and roots, and by the scalp skin, the moment the product comes into contact with this parts. However, some effects and results, mainly those related to Hair Smoothing and Full Hair Straightening, are activated during the treatment, more specifically during the application of energy and heat in the produc while in contact with the hair.

In this way, for this class of Amazonplex Academy ® we created a Tutorial Guide on How to Apply a Perfect Brazilian Straightening Treatment using the outstanding Amazonplex® Guaraná Express Keratin. 

Check out the Step-by-Step to Apply Keratin Hair Treatment using the Amazonplex® Guaraná below:


Detailed Guide for Amazonplex Guaraná ®  Express Brazilian Keratin Full Straightening Treatment  

Keratin Straightening Treatment: Pre Application

Soak your hair in warm water and wash it well with the Amazonplex® Vitamin Blend Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp and spreading the shampoo evenly over all the strands.

Dry approximately 90% of your hair, removing excess water, but keeping it moist and shiny.

Tip #1: For the use of Amazonplex Guaraná ® Keratin (and all of our Hair Smoothing & Straightening Treatments) it is not necessary, nor recommended, to use clarifying (anti residue) shampoo. Washing with a normal shampoo is more than enough.


Keratin Straightening Treatment: Protein Application and Absorption Time (Pause Time / Leave Time)

With your hair around 90% dry, still slightly damp, using a professional brush or glove, apply Amazonplex Guaraná ® Express Straightening Guaraná Protein smoothly and evenly to all strands, ensuring that the protein stays in contact with all strands, and without leaving excesses in contact with the scalp. Aligning the hair with a fine comb.

How to Apply How to Use Guide Hair Smoothing Treatment Amazonplex Guaraná

It's time for the wonders of express biotechnology to happen. This is the moment when the vitamins, nutrients and organic chemical components of Keratin Protein are being absorbed by the hair.

*Unlike any other type of keratin protein without formaldehyde on the market, Keratin Amazonplex Guaraná combines the energetic characteristics of the exotic fruit Guaraná extracts with advanced formulation performance to reduce the Pause  Time (Leave Time) to practically zero.

Let the product act for the following times, depending on the type of hair:

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: 5 to 10 minutes only.
  • Thick or very curly hair: 10 to 20 minutes only.
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: 1 to 5 minutes only.

*Tip: The time that the product remains in the hair is essential to achieve the desired result. For professional frequent users, find the perfect time for your technique and customers. Check the Hair Wick Testing in the final of this Guide.


Energy / Heat Application for Keratin Straightening Activation

Rinse a quantity of product specific to the type of hair on which the treatment is being carried out. Do not use any kind of shampoo now.

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: Rinse aprox. 50% of the Protein
  • Thick or very curly hair: Rinse aprox. 60% of the Protein
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: Rinse aprox. 60% of the Protein


*Tip: Apply the Amazonplex® Vitamin Blend Smoothing Serum for extra Heat Protection and Extra Straightening Effects.

Dry 100% of the hair with a towel and start applying heat and energy to activate the protein actives - using a quality Flat Iron Straighteniner, a 10 to 15 times plank of small parts of the hair, divided into strands, in the following temperatures:

  • Thin, fragile or very light hair: 430 Fahrenheit (220 Celsius) 
  • Thick or very curly hair: 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius) 
  • Colored or chemically damaged hair: 450 Fahrenheit (230 Celsius) 


After Keratin Straightening Treatment

Our proteins act on the hair instantly, applying incredible results right after the application of energy and activation of organic chemical components, so there is no need to go without washing your hair for any period.

You can rinse and wash at the same day, even just after the treatment, if preferred.

*Tip: apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Hair Mask for deep nourishing, hair protection and to improve the smoothing results.


Daily Home Care for After Keratin Straightening Treatment

To optimize the results, making the effects of shine and smoothing last longer, we highly recommend the use of Home Care products from Amazonplex (or similar), developed especially for daily use in the post-treatment.

Wash your hair daily using Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Shampoo, which will nourish the roots and hair strands with multivitamin oils.

With clean hair and scalp gently massaged, apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Conditioner and let it act for 1 to 3 minutes. This is important when you are looking for an extra daily smoothing look, and also for improving the mid and long-term straightening results.

2 times a week, during or after the bath, apply the Amazonplex ® Vitamin Blend Mask Treatment and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with water at normal temperature and massage gently.

Apply Serum 2 to 3 times a week (or before leaving home for a better softening look and natural shine. 

Updated 22/07/2021.

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