Amazonplex™ Açai 120ml Hair Straightening Set

Amazonplex™ Açai 120ml Hair Straightening Set

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Featured Testimonials


After finishing, it left my hair very smooth, soft, and with a wonderful shine. Fragrance is also very good.

I washed my hair in the following days and, even after drying, it remains smooth, just like the day I did the treatment.

Great quality and effectiveness. It is so good to always have straight and soft hair.

About Amazonplex™ Açai Treatment

"After the treatment using Amazonplex, I was able to experience a totally new hair.

Amazonplex brought me more than a straight hair, but also shine and softness. The aroma off all products used, from washing to protein, brought a really pleasant smell.

Amazonplex still reduced frizz, something that previously bothered me a lot."

About Amazonplex™ Guaraná Treatment

Exotic Oils and acids

Guaraná and Açai

With love and care

A New Beauty Experience

Quality Standard

Results and Effects Worldwide Recognized and Certified.

From Nature, from Brasil.

Developed with Exotic Organic Extracts. Healthy and Powerful for the Hair.

For Empowered
Beauty Woman

Valuing and Supporting Global Women's Entrepreneurship.

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